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Cotelco Cartagena de Indias Chapter: a strong and modern guild
With a 50-year tradition, Cotelco is the Hotel Association of Colombia, the more representative of the country's hotel industry, has 22 regional chapters.

The Cartagena chapter, with more than a decade, is a unionization that brings major hotels in Cartagena and Mompox. Its purpose is to represent the hotel industry to contribute to a sustainable and competitive development of the sector.

It has 50 affiliated hotels representing 2,034 rooms available to receive individual tourists, groups, incentive meetings and conferences. Our capacity is the 52.31% of the formal hotel offer in the city. We also have two hotels that have their own convention centers, one in the Cartagena Hilton Hotel with capacity for 2,300 people and the second at the Hotel Las Americas Global Resort with capacity for 1,400 people.  

In Cartagena Cotelco are hotels of different segments and categories that allow a varied offer for all types of guests ranging from a family environment, colonial, republican, boutique hotels and resorts with high standards of quality and services. In the modern area of Cartagena de Indias and off the beaches of the city are 10 affiliated Hotels with a number of of 1,340 rooms, this amount represents 65.24% of capacity in the rooms of the association, while 30.23% of this offer corresponds to the hotels located in the historical center with a total of 621 rooms operating in houses and monasteries surrounded by walls. A total of 4 hotels in the paradisiacal islands of Cartagena just 40 minutes away from the city with a total capacity of 46 rooms, ie 2.24% of the hotel capacity of the association and the final 1.33% in Santa Cruz de Mompox, jewel architecture of the colony 27 rooms on the banks of the Magdalena River.

With employment figures over 60% Cotelco Cartagena is a guild committed to its partners and the country, it serves and responds to market demands, a union that works for quality, satisfaction and overall sustainability.

Monica Mass Tinoco
Executive President
Cotelco Capitulo Cartagena de Indias
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